Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ToDo List / List of things to bring

So I tried to post about my road trip everyday until I left but as you can see, that didn't happen. In 30 hours Jd and I will be getting in the truck to leave for NC to start our 5 day road trip on the motorcycles. So I figured I'd post my to-do/ list of things to bring.

-Get Turn Signal bulb
-Call Sharon about place to leave trailer
-Decide if I'm using the windshield or not
-Find a Cable release for dslr
-Buy new head phones that will stay in my ear as I ride
-create a few playlists and update/ charge ipod and iphone
-Toothbrush, tooth paste, Deodorant, Shampoo, Soap
Something to cover my boots if it rains
-buy additional memory card for dslr
-35mm film
-charge GPS
-Ask dad to use his hand held gps
-pack clothes
-figure out how I'm going to strap everything to the bike
-sleeping bag
-look at Robert Franks work more
-get my sinus medication together
-fork bag?

if anyone thinks of something i might be missing PLEASE TELL ME

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