Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 days

So the count down starts! 8 days until Jd and I leave for FL!

During my crit for Contemporary Color Landscape,
we looked at google maps as part of our conversation
and looked at a few places from this eye level view.
For my Wilderness project I created a website that
was intended to make the viewer question
their own definition of “wilderness”.
I don’t know if it was completely successful in creating this question
because of how I define wilderness.
In my opinion wilderness is definitely by
how much you know the place and
know how to live or exist in that place.

"my wilderness project"

Anyway this question brought us to google maps
in this eye level view and
instantly I thought about my road trip.

I ordered two cable releases for my cameras for this trip.
And I'm beginning to worry that they
aren't going to get here in time.
I want to some how attach my camera
behind me on my motorcycle
set it up looking to the right or left as I ride.
I wanted to use the cable release to shoot as I was riding.
Capture people driving in cars next to me,
or jd riding and anything else
that might be interesting on the road.
I also wanted to set one up for Jd
to be able to shoot so I would have some images
of myself on our trip.

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