Monday, February 16, 2009

An Unexpected Start

"Charm City Choppers"


So today I set out to start working on my Junior Seminar Project.
I stopped in Charm City Choppers to try and
talk to some of the people who worked there.
I walked in expecting to meet a few people and
tell them who I am and what I want to do then
set up a time to come back and shoot.
Well as soon as I said I wanted to take images of the guys working,
I immediately got invited into the back.
I was really surprised;
I definitely wasn’t expecting to be that welcomed.
I met a really interesting man named George and
got to know a little about him and
how he got involved in building and working on motorcycles.
I'm still trying to figure out what direction I want to take this series,
but I’m beginning to show theses people as individuals
and as a part of the culture.
This is definitely a project that is
completely out of my comfort zone.
Any input is more then welcome.


  1. I live down the street from Charm City Choppers. Hell's Angels do reside around here and usually are nice. There are a few biker bars that get crowded during the summer by them.

    - Rob Brulinski

  2. isn't it so funny how welcoming people are when your intentions are sincere and you have a vested interest?

    I'm pretty excited to see this stuff, i didn't know you were into this.