Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a hole in the wall

So this is a wall I'm working on
as part of a video installation I'm making.
Its hard to explain but
I'll post the finished project when its done.

So I've been thinking about trying to get this idea
I have for an on campus gallery space
installed in a few of our building on campus.
It would be a simple hole in the wall that when
you look into it you see a monitor
with some sort of image on it.
What is on the monitors would be
submitted and curated by the students.
One could be put down in the Wilgus gallery
by the dry mount room,
one could be put some place in brown
and even in the station building.
The best situation would be that work from one department
would get a chance to be shown in a different department.
Such as photo in the station building
or painting in the photo department.

I think this would be an interesting way
to get students exposed to different departments.

Any input would be awesome.

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